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We tried the Mayku Formbox with CHOCOLATE !

We tried the Mayku Formbox with CHOCOLATE !

Now that we have the Mayku Formbox Vacuum Former, the Voxel Factory team wanted to give it a try.

3 simple steps. 1. Pick a template 2. Make a mold 3. Replicate the template


Let’s be honest, we had a lot of ideas for the template, but the team wanted to stick with something simple and practical. So we started with an obvious choice, the Voxel Factory logo.
Okay, now that we know that we want to have the logo, what can we do with it? 
We thought about using the logo as a template to create some keychains for all our employees, but after some reflection, we came up with a better idea ! Since Easter is coming, why not make some egg chocolate shells and put a mini Voxel Factory keychain inside of it? 
The idea is perfect. Our team always likes to sweeten one’s mouth and a small surprise gift inside of it for each employee while being able to try the Mayku Formbox : how convenient !
We went for it.

STEP 1 - Pick a template

Marc, our graphic designer, made an svg file of the Voxel Factory logo that we will be using for the keychains and sent it to Samuel, one of our technicians who converted it in fusion 360 to make it into an stl. File. After that, our second technician William loaded it in the Ultimaker Cura software to rescaled it and to prepare the print settings. We decided to do the keychain in 2.85mm PLA Blue Filament and keep it that way. For the egg shells that will be our template for the mold, William found a perfect model on thingiverse and also loaded it in the Ultimaker Cura software to rescaled it and print it.
The two templates on the Ultimaker Cura Software

After having the two files ready, William sent it to our Ultimaker 2+ Connect 3d printers via the digital factory cloud to start the magic.

Here is the final result for the Voxel Factory keychain and our egg shell model that we will be using for molding.

Eggshell and Voxel logo final results 3D prints


STEP 2 - Make a mold

We are ready to make a mold, let’s try this Mayku Formbox !
For our mold, we used the 0.5mm Clear Sheets that came in the starter kit, since they are food-safe.


The mold turned out perfect as expected with our template. Since we only had one print, we used more sheets to recreate other molds to be able to make all the egg shell chocolates at the same time.

Eggshell mold with Mayku Cast/Clear Sheets

 STEP 3 - Replicate the template

We replicated our template with the chocolate ! We used meltable chocolate for our eggshells and we had 3 different flavors : Dark chocolate, Milk chocolate and Vanilla flavor for the decoration. Honestly, once the chocolate in the mold cooled and hardened, our eggshells came out of the mold very easily, we didn't even manage to break one while creating them! We were able to replicate the chocolate eggshells as much as we wanted and the molds never warped and/or broke!
Mayku sheet mold with chocolate
Finished results

We were really surprised at the quality of the molds formed with the Mayku Formbox ! 
Plus, we had fun doing it. The team was really happy with the results !

Happy Easter everybody !

Final results eggshell chocolates

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  • Roxane Desjardins