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Olsson Ruby Nozzle

Olsson Ruby Nozzle

Olsson Ruby Nozzle Is Now Available at Voxel Factory bannerWorld's best high quality nozzle for 3D printers is now available at Voxel Factory! 



The Product

The Olsson Ruby nozzle is tipped with real ruby which allows printing with abrasive materials without worrying for wear and tear. Originally, the Olsson Ruby was created to print with Boron Carbide, third hardest material on the planet after cubic boron nitride and diamond, which is very abrasive and quickly rips through regular metal nozzles. Read the full origin story.

Olsson Ruby nozzle 4 Four tips for 3D printers

The Materials

Even though we do not print with super complicated high-tech military grade materials, the Olsson Ruby is excellent for printing with regular abrasive materials like Carbon Fiber, Glow in the dark, Metal filled filaments, glass fibers, Kevlar fiber and many more, without losing the amazing heat conductivity the brass metal has.

So far Anders Olsson tested his nozzle with over 8 kg of Carbon Fiber and there was no sign of wearing under the microscope.

Brass Nozzle wear with Carbon Fiber Stainless Steel nozzle wear carbon fiber

Hardened steel nozzle wear carbon fiber Olsson Ruby nozzle no wear with carbon fiber

Olsson Ruby fits :

Our Experience 

We printed a few things with the Olsson Ruby on our Ultimaker 2+ with Colorfabb's Carbon Fiber XT CF-20 and the results were great. We made a spool holder for the Ultimaker 2+ and an extruder cover for Prusa's i3 MK2 because ours broke.

We also did a super torture test with Glowfill on the Prusa i3 MK2S. 

Olsson Ruby on Ultimaker 2+ Carbon Fiber Fibre print Olsson Ruby print with Carbon Fibre Fiber XT CF-20 on Ultimaker 2+Picture of Super torture test cube benchy lion with Colorfabb Glowfill Olsson Ruby Prusa i3 MK2S


Why should I get an Olsson Ruby:

  1. Can print with abrasive materials
  2. Will last you a loooong time
  3. Great heat conductivity due to brass
  4. Gives better results than regular nozzles
  5. One nozzle to rule them all!

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