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Get the Halloween Bundle - 4 Polymaker PolyLite PLA spools for 99.99$ ! (Value of 125$)

Only available during the month of October

 For the october promotion, you can get the Halloween Bundle which contains :

- 1 Polymaker PolyLite PLA Galaxy Dark Blue 1.75mm

- 1 Polymaker PolyLite PLA Glow in the dark Green 1.75mm

- 1 Polymaker PolyLite PLA Orange 1.75mm

- 1 Polymaker PolyLite PLA Black 1.75mm

PolyLite PLA by Polymaker is a high-quality PLA filament designed for reliability and ease of printing. Continue reading to discover each spools color and specification.

Polymaker PolyLite PLA Galaxy Dark Blue

Polymaker PolyLite PLA Galaxy Dark Blue 1.75mm

To avoid clogging, using a 0.6mm nozzle diameter or larger is recommended when printing Galaxy Filament.

Recommended speed is 40~60 mm/s.

Hardened steel nozzles are recommended whenever you are printing with materials that have abrasive additives.





Polymaker PolyLite PLA Glow in the dark Green

Polymaker PolyLite PLA Glow in the Dark Green Filament 1.75mm

Glow in the dark filament is abrasive and will destroy brass nozzles, please use Hardened steel nozzle when printing with this filament!

This filament contains phosphorescent powders that glow in the dark after absorbing light energy. It is suggested to expose the filament to sunlight or UV light for about 30 minutes to get the best light effect.



Polymaker PolyLite PLA Orange 

Polymaker PolyLite PLA Orange Filament 1.75mmSuper versatile filament that is easy to use!
This filament works great with many types of 3D Printer and always gives good results.







Polymaker PolyLite PLA filament 1.75mm BlackIf you are looking for an easy black filament with a nice finish, the PolyLite PLA is the one.

Easy to print like any colors from the PolyLite family, this material will never let you down. 

Don't forget that our products are offered in store, online and in person at our locations: Saint-Hubert and Burnaby! We sell & ship across all Canada!
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at!
Happy Halloween !
Special Halloween Bundle - 4 spools of Polymaker filaments

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