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SLA | Formlabs 3D printers @ Voxel Factory

Why SLA / LFS (Liquid resin)?


Why Formlabs?

Innovation is what really distinguishes Formlabs from the competition. With new resins, improved formulas, advanced and connected software, Formlabs always remains impressive. cULus certification is CSA compliant and is valid everywhere in Canada, Europe and USA.

Why Voxel Factory?

Voxel Factory is a Formlabs CERTIFIED SERVICE & SUPPORT PARTNER. Get a FREE 3-hour hands-on workshop in Vancouver, Montreal or online with any Formlabs 3D printer purchased at Voxel Factory. Formlabs being our favourite SLA 3D printing solution, all Formlabs 3D printersmaterials and parts are in stock and ready to ship or pickup at any time. 

Request a quote at or 1-877-360-2159

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Formlabs 3D printers (Form 2, Form 3 and Form 3L)

Formlabs Form 3, Form 3L, Wash & Cure

The Form 3 & Form 3L delivers high-resolution parts at a fraction of the cost and footprint of industrial 3D printers. Scale your prototyping and production in-house with desktop stereolithography.

For the best results and mechanical properties, all SLA parts require IPA rinsing and post-curing. Form Wash and Form Cure streamline and automate post-processing of Form 3 prints. Consistently produces high-quality results with less time and effort.

The complete Formlabs SLA / LFS solution

Formlabs Form 3, Wash and Cure are in stock at Voxel Factory in Canada and shipping from the nearest office. No custom fees, no worries.

Formlabs resins

Formlabs materials

With the best materials science team in the industry, Formlabs is constantly developing new additions to their library of advanced resins. Their materials are designed specifically for the Form 3 to deliver functional parts with a smooth surface finish that look like, feel like, and work like a final product.

An insight of the wide range of Formlabs materials

Standard resins, tough, durable, flexible, high temp, castable wax and rigid etc... Formlabs keeps adding more and more materials to its wide range of resins and Voxel Factory keeps them all in stock.

Formlabs parts

Formlabs parts

When it comes to consumables, you want to deal with a local supplier that ships as fast as you order.

The essentials part to operate your Form 2 3D printer

Voxel Factory carries all the parts available from Formlabs in Montréal and Vancouver.

PreForm software

Formlabs PreForm software

PreForm prepares your 3D models for printing on your Formlabs printer, giving you the freedom to focus on creating. Get your model ready in minutes, upload to your printer, and let it build.

PreForm's One-Click Print offers an option for automatically orienting, supporting, and laying out your models. Sending your print is quick and convenient. You can select multiple printers and easily upload your print with PreForm's wireless connectivity feature.

Now supporting 5 languages: English, German, French, Japanese, and Chinese.

Service & support

Service & support

Formlabs 3D printers, Wash & Cure are covered by a 12-month warranty on parts and labour (extendable to 24 months)

A Voxel Factory certified technician will take care of warranty repair and maintenance

3D Printing service

SLA 3D printing services available at Voxel Factory

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